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What is dried brewer’s grains?

Brewers grains are the solid residue left after the processing of germinated and dried cereal grains (malt) for the production of beer and other malt products (malt extracts and malt vinegar). In the brewing process, grains are soaked in water until they germinate and then dried to produce the malt (malting). The malted grains are milled and steeped in hot water so that enzymes transform the starch into sugars (mashing/saccharification). The resulting sugar-rich liquid is then boiled, filtered and fermented to produce beer. Brewers grains are collected at the end of the mashing process, once all sugars have been removed from the grain. The remaining product is a concentrate of proteins and fibre that is suitable for animal feeding, particularly for ruminant.
In temperate countries, brewers grains are mostly produced during the warm season, when beer consumption is higher. This means that they are less available for livestock in the colder months when feed supplementation is most needed. Drying or ensilaging is, therefore, necessary to defer the utilisation of brewers grains.

Production process

Step 1: Raw materials are taken directly from breweries with 80% moisture content.
Step 2: The material is pressed to remove water, reduce moisture to 50%.
Step 3: Raw materials are dried in the dryer to reach max moisture of 10%
Step 4: Products are packed according to export or domestic standards

Quality parameters

Moisture 10,0 % Copper 10,4 mg
Crude protein         24,0 % Zinc 79,0 mg
NDF 57,5 % Manganese 47,0 mg
Oil (total) 11,0 % Lysine 0,92 %
Starch 7,5 % Methionine 0,47 %
Sugar 0,8 % Methionine + Cystine 0,96 %
Ash 4,5 % Threonine 0,91 %
Magnesium 0,18 % Tryptophan 0,24 %
Calcium 0,49 % Digestible Lysine 0,67 %
Phosphorus 0,64 % Digestible Methionine 0,38 %
Potassium 0,12 % Digestible Meth. + Cyst. 0,72 %
Sodium 0,03 % Digestible Threonine 0,67 %
Chloride 0,08 %

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